Full Service Tax Preparation Includes:

  • E‐Filing Federal and Ohio Tax Return
  • Local Tax Return (Paper Filing)
  • PDF Copy of All Tax Returns for your Records

IRS Form to File: 1040
SINGLE (W‐2s Standard Deduction)


MARRIED (W‐2s Standard Deduction)


SINGLE / MARRIED  (W-2s / Itemized Deductions)


MARRIED FILING SEPARATE (W‐2s / Itemized Deductions)



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*Note: Fees for additional tax related issues such as business

income, rental income, 10 or more stock transactions, etc...

will be determined on a case by case basis.

Because of our relationship with UH, we are able to offer preferred pricing on most of our standard services.

Preferred Pricing Fee Schedule

Complimentary Downloads

Tax Organizer
Checklist: Tax Deductions for Medical Professionals

Other Resources For Medical Professionals

Maybe you're thinking about buying a home or starting your own practice. We have the resources and are happy to recommend our business contacts. Let us know what's on your mind and we'll point you in the right direction! See our real estate information page for more information.

You know medicine, we know taxes. We have developed a niche in our practice serving residents and medical professionals in general. We have a good understanding of deductions available to you and are aware of the tax and financial issues that may affect you as a professional in the field. You don't have to spend valuable time and energy studying complicated tax law. We keep it simple. Not only can we do your taxes, we can assist you with financial planning analysis including student loans, opening financial accounts and provide direction on investments.

We Offer Flexibility and Convenience
We work crazy hours too...especially during tax season. We provide flexible appointment times January through April. We are located minutes from the UH Main Campus, just down Euclid Avenue. You can take the Health Line or drive, we have ample, convenient parking! We are available year round to assist you with tax planning and ongoing tax issues.

Now and Later
Working with a licensed tax expert can provide you the financial foundation to get your career and personal finances off on the right track. We are not just a Cleveland stop, but can assist you with these matters wherever you go!

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